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Musings of my personal thoughts and experiences. From parenting to general life.

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Let it Go in 25 languages: Castellano and Catalan

You know a Disney film has got to be good when your 13-year-old son admits it to being one of his favourite films so far.  Disney’s new blockbuster Frozen has released a compilation of multilingual versions of the song “Let it Go”.  I remember singing along to classic Disney soundtracks throughout my childhood but those… View more

Musical Mondays: Un bel di vedremo

One fine day, wishful thinking hopefully continuing for the rest of the week. One of my favourite arias from Madame Butterfly, brings goosepimples every time I hear it. One good day, we will see Arising a strand of smoke Over the far horizon on the sea And then the ship appears And then the ship… View more

Bedtime battles

Bedtime battles

Parenting is never easy, I wished that when I had my first child a full detailed instruction on how to be a perfect parent was included in the pack. Sadly, I was thrown in the deep end, mostly struggling to keep my head above water, failure is something I have to get used to. You… View more

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Well, finally I have managed to sort out my site and here it is…ta-dah! I’ve been so frustrated having not blogged for over a week and sorry guys for not being able to visit your blogs lately. But now I’m back, oh how I’ve missed it. The kids have been on half-term so my house… View more