SH Hotel Villa Gadea Altea

SH Villa Gadea: 7 Days In Altea

I would say that Altea is probably one of my favourite towns in Alicante. Only an hour and a half drive south of Valencia it's a town with a lot of character and relaxed surroundings, quite surprising as it's only
Valencia to Andorra

Family Roadtrip: Valencia to Andorra

This post is long overdue. I have been meaning to write up about our trip to Andorra just after Christmas. This trip didn't take much planning and it was something that we and our friends have decided at the last
Flamenco In Valencia

Flamenco In Valencia

Over the weekend, we found ourselves child-free, thanks to my in-laws who came to visit last week from the UK. They kindly offered to take the children off our hands so that my husband and I can spend a little
Introduction to UTalk

uTalk A language learning app

How do you find yourself when it comes to languages? Are you quite an impressive polyglot or like myself need that little help once in a while? There are still occasions when I still find myself referring to my translator
Rainy Pot

Friday Find: Rainy Pot

Friday is usually is my 'inspiration' day. Doing the job that I do, I am in constant research of anything different and on trend. And how I love days like these when I can sit down in front of my

Friday Find: Whimsical Ceramics By Barruntando

Another one of my #FridayFinds this one is from a very talented small company in Avilés (Asturias), Spain, an area well known for it's traditional craft making from raw materials such as pottery, wood, leather and iron. Ceramic Cupcake Holder
Cotton Lights

Cable and Cotton Fairy Lights

One of my favourite things during winter evenings is the excuse to switch on my 'cosy' lights a little earlier than usual. There is something about soft and warm lighting that makes me feel all fluffy inside.  A month after
The Balm Palette

REVIEW: TheBalm Cosmetics Them Apples

A few weeks ago I briefly mentioned my 'lost' make-up during my last trip to the UK.  It might seem trivial, but I try to buy all my beauty products in the UK, I guess it's just something that I am used too
Birchbox Summer Box

Review: Birchbox Summer Subscription Box

I headed for the UK about three weeks ago, on my return trip I left all my makeup behind. Damn those airport rules and they're separate see through bags! I knew that one of these days that was going to

Stylish Summer Glasses from ASOS

Summer is finally here, and one thing I learned last year was to invest in some good sunglasses. Not only they are an absolute necessity, but they also make you look pretty cool and hide those heavy eye bags on
Nikon D3200

The best DSLR camera for bloggers

I remember my first camera, back in 1994, I was 17 years old just fresh into Art college. One of the things I owned was a Minolta 600si which served me a few years.  I’ve always loved taking photographs, but

MUST have accessories for the frequent traveller

Frequent travelling requires organisation and planning, which I have learnt over the past two years.  My 4-7 day journeys usually do not require a lot of things, so travelling light and having reliable travel accessories makes the journey a lot