12 Weeks of summer holidays is upon us! Keep your sanity and let the kids have fun! Here is a list of 20 Summer Camps For Kids In Valencia to keep the little ones entertained all summer long!

Gone are the days when the pool would keep my son entertained during the summer holidays. School is finally out and I’m staring at 2 months and 21 days with an 11-year-old boy at home…for over TWO MONTHS. I have a feeling that the pool isn’t going to cut it this summer.

I asked my son whether he wants to go to camping again this year. But he shrugged his shoulders and said “I don’t know. My friends aren’t going.” He’s getting older and has been going to the same camp for three years. I understand that he might be looking for something a little different to do. Or maybe not do anything at all!

I find that camp splits the time spent at home during the summer and at least he gets to have fun with his friends.  This year, I plan to enrol him for about 2-3 weeks, depending on how much he loves it. Maybe at the end of July we can also take a trip to the UK to visit family. That way, the weeks are divided and he also has something exciting to look forward to.

As he’s not keen on returning to the same camp this year, I have done some research for other summer camps for kids in Valencia. I would like to share with you what I’ve found and hopefully, it’ll help you find a place that your child will love this summer!

Summer Camps For Kids In Valencia, Spain

Whether your child is looking for skating, dancing, spending time with animals, or even play Fornite this summer! There’s a wide range of kids summer camps in and around Valencia.  You will also find the leaflets below for more information and contact details.

1. Lewu Summer Camp Valencia

Lewu Summer Camp Valencia is a Spanish and English language immersion camp with on-site accommodation, suitable for young learners of any nationality between the ages of 11 and 16. Lewu’s aim is for students to learn English through educational activities and sports while having fun and working with others.


2. Escuela de Verano Tecnológica

Is your child crazy about Fortnite and Minecraft? Well, this technology summer camp in Valencia is where your child can create their own virtual world.  From making characters, objects or buildings.


3. Hello English School

Away from the rigid structure of the classrooms. Hello English school offers fun and play using English to communicate in both the daily classes and in outdoor activities. They offer multi-adventure activities, including a zip line, archery, canoeing, climbing, routes, environmental, stargazing and more!


4. La Roda Indoor

Looking for a summer camp with a difference? La Roda offers kids who have an interest in urban sports. The skating club Roda de Alboraya, offers scooter classes, skating lessons and other workshops for the summer.


5. School Farm

Start the summer in the best possible way! Colegio Maria Deiciar offers a farm summer school ideal for kids who love to spend time surrounded by animals and nature. Their activities include swimming, horse riding, workshops and more!


6. Active English Camp

Active English Camp is a summer school where the kids are totally immersed in the English language. They offer daily camp or with accommodation. Activities include swimming, workshops, crafts and outdoor activities.


7. Club Long Board Valencia

Aimed for teens who have an interest in longboards and skates. Not only they offer fun with skates, but they also learn about co-ordination, history, etiquettes as well as taking part workshops and games.

8. Camparmento Pechechus

Would you like to experience Multi-Adventure Camps in Valencia? Campamento de Aventura Pechechus, specialises in Multi Adventure Camps sessions in Llosa De Ranes. You can choose between one of their 4 options which are guaranteed to offer you little one memorable experience.

9. Recrearte Aldaia

Recrearte Aldaia has several workshops on offer during the summer holidays. From yoga for kids, theatre, baking, painting and much more! There are also daily and weekly options depending on what your child fancy.

10. La Casa de MagicMazo

Do you have a budding magician in your family? Then La Casa De Magic Mazo is a great alternative to keep your magician entertained.

11. 5th Avenue Academy Torrent

Designed for children who are into technology, 5th Avenue in Torrent offers tech activities from building to programming robots. Ideal for children aged 9-16 years old.

12. Les Petits Escuela

Aimed for the little ones Les Petits offer a wide range of experiences, and activities for your children through games and exploration. Their program runs from July to August 2019.

13. Academia Low Cost

Catering for kids aged 3-16 years old, Academia Low Cost offers a lot of, activities for the kids. From excursions, workshops, swimming and technology.

14. Escuela de baile Ricardo Arteaga

Located in Manises, Valencia the school of dance of Ricardo Arteaga offers a summer school for kids who are interested in music and dance. The program runs from the 1st to the 20th of July.

15. Real Club Nautico Valencia

Club Nautico Valencia offer summer school activities for kids who love the water. From kayaking, paddle surfing, fishing as well as other fun activities that all kids of all ages would enjoy!


16. Alitea

Starting from the 1st of July to August Alitea Escuela de Verano in Sagunto offers an artistic range of activities for the kids during the summer. From painting to crafts they have a lot on offer to keep the little ones occupied.

17. London School Idiomas

Go and enjoy a week of holidays and at the same time learn and English with the London School Idiomas. This year they set up a camp in one of the best holiday cities in Spain: Marina D’or. Suitable for kids 6 to 14 years old.

18. Fes Art

Offering creative activities for the kids during the summer break, from music, art, dance, crafts and much more. Prices start from €50 per week.

19. Explora

Explora offers three types of summer camp activities. Including sports-themed, superheroes and civilisations of the world.


20. Elevat

Another summer camp in Valencia that offers kids fun-filled technology activities. This summer school is aimed for kids who LOVE Fortnite! Activities include team play, tournaments, workshops and much more! Suitable for kids aged 6 to 18 years old.


20 Summer Camps For Kids In Valencia 2019

Swipe through the images for more information about each camp that I have listed above. Here you will find more information about the summer schools/camps available in Valencia and the surrounding areas. Click the image to enlarge.

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    Hi there! Your blog is so helpful- thank you! We are looking for a DAY CAMP in Spanish in Valencia for our kids, ages 10,8 for next summer. I am having the hardest time finding one from your list or online- so many are either sleep away camps or for teenagers. Is there one you can point us to?

    Much appreciated, thanks you!

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