These 10 Spanish classes and Spanish tutors in Valencia might just help you sharpen your skills and make you feel more comfortable about living in Spain. 

Sunshine, beach, tapas and sangrias – might be the things you’re thinking about when you’re thinking of living in Valencia. Well, I promise you we have those and more! But it’s no fun if you can’t communicate or understand the language once you get here.

For many people, taking a Spanish course at a language school is the quickest way to get started. And there are plenty of Spanish classes and tutors in Valencia. All offering different types of Spanish courses according to your budget and availability. 

Spanish Classes And Spanish Tutors In Valencia

For me, Spanish is familiar, having been born in the Philippines, there are some similarities in many words, and phrases. I guess that’s why I find it easier to grasp the language compared to my husband who is British. But, just because I’m familiar with certain words and phrases, that doesn’t mean I didn’t have my fair share of struggles of speaking Spanish.

Spanish Classes And Spanish Tutors In Valencia

There are many Spanish classes and Spanish tutors that offer their services here in Valencia. It’s a better way to learn as you can either join a large class or just have a one to one with an expert. This, along with practising your Spanish on the locals will definitely help you on your journey to becoming more fluent.

1. Spanish Classes Valencia

Raquel Moreno is the founder of Spanish Classes In Valencia. It’s a small school specializing in private Spanish lessons located in the heart of the city. Raquel’s teaching method is communicative and dynamic. This approach focuses on the concept of learning through practical and real-life experiences. She caters for all levels. From beginners to advanced, and hold conversation lessons in a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

2. Spanglish City 

Spanglish City started in 2020. They prepare and share slides of different activities in every lesson. So you make full use of your class time. They use textbooks and also incorporate additional activities according to your abilities.

3. Am Spanish

Am Spanish is run by Amparo Martin. Amparo is a native Spanish and Valencian language teacher who offers three different types of language learning services. From general Spanish, ideal for general use to be able to communicate on a daily basis. Survival Spanish theses classes focus on conversations. Amparo allows you to customise your lessons in your style of learning.

4. Sonia Linguist

Sonia Linguist has taught foreign languages for 10 years and worked in Poland, Spain and the UK. She’s experienced in dealing with individuals,  group classes, teenagers and adults, state schools, language academies, companies and private classes. She’s also taught the members of Cambridge University Hispanic Society.

5. Spanish with Romina 

Romina is a native and qualified Spanish teacher who loves teaching in a fun and dynamic way. Whether you’re a total beginner, someone with a basic knowledge of Spanish, or an advanced learner trying to improve in different areas. Romina can help you increase your ability and confidence to speak Spanish. 

6. Boundless Translation

María Diéguez is a professional freelance translator. Boundless Translation also helps companies to develop their business with her translation services.  Maria has also has worked as a teacher for language schools and as a private teacher. She combines translation with teaching and as a result, she has created Boundless Translation and Boundless Lessons.

7. El Rincon del Tándem Spanish School 

El Rincón del Tándem Spanish school in Valencia is a personalized Spanish school. Aimed both at those looking to have their contact with the language or improve their previous knowledge. They help students, not only by learning Spanish, but also Spanish culture. 

8. Understand Valencia

Understand Valencia is an English and Spanish school located in the centre of Valencia. They offer a dynamic and fun learning environment where students can practice and achieve all the necessary skills to progress in learning the language in a short time. There are 3 courses you can choose depending on your level. From regular, semi-intensive to intensive courses. 

9. El Carmen Spanish School 

El Carmen Spanish School teaching team is made up of language teaching professionals. They have a multitude of experience and broad knowledge of the Spanish language. Their lessons are fun, dynamic and with lots of energy!

10. Platica Spanish

Platica Spanish is run by Leticia a qualified Spanish Language Coach and DELE Examiner. She also offers general Spanish classes, DELE preparation classes and conversational classes.

Final Thoughts

Language learning can come easy to some and harder for others. One thing is clear, the harder your work at learning and speaking the language, the better you’ll become. If you find self-learning hard to do then these Spanish classes or tutors might be the ones for you. They will give you the skills you need to accomplish the Spanish language goals you may have. Just remember, there is no “best” way to learn Spanish, just the best way that works for you. 

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